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Ford Payload Scale System vs. Chevy/GMC

2023 F 150 Raptor R

When it comes to pickups, one of the most important aspects of a vehicle is its payload capacity. Ford has been leading the way with their onboard payload scale system, which allows drivers to measure the exact amount of cargo they can carry in their pickup. This is a great feature for truck owners, as it helps them to avoid overloading their vehicle and keeps them safe on the road. But does Chevy/GM have a similar system?

The answer is no. Chevy/GM does not have an onboard payload scale system like Ford does. However, Chevy/GM does have a number of other features that can help drivers to determine the payload capacity of their vehicle. For example, the weight-sensing suspension system adjusts the suspension based on the weight of the cargo, helping to ensure that the truck is not overloaded. Additionally, the truck bed has a number of tie-down points and can be equipped with a configurable cargo management system.

In addition, Chevy/GM also offers an optional digital load scale to measure the exact weight of the cargo. This system provides the driver with a precise reading of the load the truck is carrying and can be used to ensure that the vehicle is not overloaded. While this system is not as comprehensive as Ford’s onboard payload scale system, it is still useful for drivers who need to accurately measure the weight of their cargo.

Overall, Chevy/GM does not have an onboard payload scale system like Ford does. However, Chevy/GM does offer a number of other features that can be used to measure the payload capacity of a truck. These features, such as the weight-sensing suspension system and optional digital load scale, can help drivers to ensure that their vehicle is not overloaded and provide them with a more accurate reading of their cargo.



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