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Providing Our Customers with Lifetime Vehicle Benefits and Rewards!

Promise Benefits

Lifetime W

Unlimited Mileage

Unlimited Time

Unlimited Labor

Unlimited Deductible

Our Promise is also our Guarantee! Each qualified new and pre-owned vehicle includes our limited LIFETIME ENGINE GUARANTEE. We pride ourselves on our customer loyalty, so we guarantee your engine for as long as you own your vehicle.

Lifetime Benefits

The Seth Wadley Promise includes engines and oil changes for life, at no cost to you!

*Now includes diesels

Lifetime Engine Guarantee*

Lifetime Oil Changes

with service visit

Lifetime Multi-Point Inspections

Lifetime Pre-Vacation Check-up


*Seth Wadley Promise Rewards Program has stipulations, excludes certain vehicles and equipment at dealer discretion. See dealer for details. See restrictions on our limited lifetime engine repair agreement. See terms and conditions of the program for details. 

**Engine treatment is required every 15,000 miles/12 months. Pre-Owned vehicles must be under 6 calendar years old and 100,000 miles or less at time of sale.

Promise Rewards

Promise Rewards Members earn 5 points for every $1 spent in Service or Parts Departments.

How to earn rewards points:

Customer Referral with Purchase

Earn up to 40,000 Points

Military Personnel

Earn up to 10,000 Points

Upgrade to Platinum

Earn up to 5,000 Points

Completing Online Survey

Earn up to 1,000 Points

Your Birthday

Earn up to 500 Points

Liking Us on Facebook

Earn up to 500 Points

Use rewards points

Enjoy the Seth Wadley Difference! Your points can then be exchanged towards the purchase of you Next Vehicle or Vehicle Service.

5,000 Points ……… $50 Off Next Vehicle Purchase/$25 Off Services
10,000 Points ……. $100 Off Next Vehicle Purchase/$50 Off Services
20,000 Points ……. $200 Off Next Vehicle Purchase/$100 Off Services
30,000 Points ……. $300 Off Next Vehicle Purchase/$150 Off Services
40,000 Points ……. $400 Off Next Vehicle Purchase/$200 Off Services
50,000 Points ……. $500 Off Next Vehicle Purchase/$250 Off Services
60,000 Points ……. $600 Off Next Vehicle Purchase/$300 Off Services
70,000 Points ……. $700 Off Next Vehicle Purchase/$350 Off Services
80,000 Points ……. $800 Off Next Vehicle Purchase/$400 Off Services
90,000 Points ……. $900 Off Next Vehicle Purchase/$450 Off Services
100,000 Points ….. $1,000 Off Next Vehicle Purchase/$500 Off Services
(max $1,000 per purchase; $500 per service visit)


Download The Seth Wadley Promise App

The Seth Wadley Promise Mobile App is designed for customers of our Promise program. This app allows you to view and track your participation in the Promise program and to view the service history of your vehicle. In addition, you are eligible for exclusive deals on services made available only to Mobile App Users!

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