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How do you prepare a diesel truck for Winter?

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Winterize Your Diesel: Prevent Paraffin Wax Build-Up

When the weather gets cold, paraffin wax found in regular diesel can start to solidify and clog up the engine. This wax build-up can cause the engine to work poorly or even seize up altogether, so it’s important to winterize your fuel using a winter-specific diesel. Winterizing a diesel engine is the process of preparing it to operate in cold climates, and it can help prevent wax build-up and other issues caused by cold weather.

How Does Paraffin Wax Build-Up Affect Performance?

Paraffin wax is present in all diesel fuels as a natural lubricity agent. Like any wax, as the ambient temperature of the fuel drops, the wax begins to form large square-shaped structures that can block the flow of fuel, resulting in poor engine performance. If left unchecked, this wax build-up can eventually cause the engine to seize up.

How to Winterize Your Diesel

To winterize a diesel engine, you should use a winter-specific diesel fuel that is designed to be used in cold temperatures. You should also check the fuel filters and replace them if necessary. Finally, you should make sure that the engine is properly lubricated and that all necessary maintenance tasks have been performed before using it in cold weather. Come on in to Seth Wadley Ford of Perry and let us help you prepare. Give our service department a call. Save your self time and money by getting ahead!



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