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Most Valuable Features of Ford Pass

Ford Pass

Track Your Vehicle with FordPass

FordPass is an innovative and convenient way to keep track of your vehicle. With FordPass, you can easily monitor your vehicle’s fuel level, tire pressure, and other important information. Plus, you can lock and unlock your vehicle remotely, schedule service appointments, receive software updates, and redeem FordPass points for discounts on parts and accessories.

Get Alerts for Your Vehicle

FordPass allows you to stay informed about your vehicle’s health and safety. Receive alerts when your fuel level is low, tire pressure is off, or when there are recalls. Plus, you’ll get priority access to parts and service if you have a FordPass account.

FordPass Benefits

FordPass offers a variety of benefits for vehicle owners. With FordPass, you can save money on parts and accessories, get priority access to service appointments, and receive important alerts about your vehicle. Plus, you can access all these features from your smartphone, so you can monitor and control your vehicle from anywhere.



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