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What is EcoBoost and how does it apply to the Ford F-150?


Experience the EcoBoost®

The EcoBoost® lineup from Ford is engineered to deliver performance and efficiency. These turbocharged engines feature direct fuel injection and are designed to provide power without sacrificing fuel economy. Whether you are looking for a sedan, SUV, or pickup truck, the EcoBoost® engine lineup has an option to suit your needs.

What is Direct Fuel Injection?

Direct fuel injection is a fuel delivery system that injects fuel directly into the combustion chamber of an engine, rather than into the intake manifold. This helps to improve combustion efficiency, resulting in improved fuel economy, power, and torque. The EcoBoost® engine lineup from Ford utilizes direct fuel injection technology to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

How does Turbocharging Work?

Turbocharging is a type of forced induction system that uses a turbine to compress air and force it into an engine. This increased air flow can result in improved power and torque, while also improving fuel economy. The EcoBoost® engine lineup from Ford utilizes turbocharging technology to deliver powerful performance and improved efficiency.



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